Pregnant?? OMG!! See Gobe.

Just chilling doing what I do best, copying movies,as I’m jobless when it all started oo… lmao.. My cousin is a father.. or is it supposed father.. gosh. Who would have thought that my cousin of yesteryears have started sleeping with girls talkmore of getting them pregnant..orishirishi, children of nowadays.

So he was on the phone and all of a sudden he screams mogbe..scared the shit out of me.. werin happen… “Imagine this girl saying she’s pregnant for me”, was his reply.. my first reaction was to laugh like an aboki on crack.. Preg what?? Haha..person wey no do something no go fear na was my reply… What did you do couz.. under 15mins my bros don dey shiver oo, temperature don skyrocket and was not finding my laughter funny at all{abeg.was I there when he was enjoying himself}.. It took him a while to give me the full gist.

According to him, she’s is ex, they broke up last week and she has been begging him since. Today, she called to tell him she was coming over, there was something important she wanted to tell him, later on she cancelled and just told him what it was on the phone. “Its not been up to a month since we did it, how could she be pregnant already” he said to me with wide eyes full with dread. He couldnt even mention the sex and as a good couz na all I said is “its impossible, she cant know this fast, she’s just pulling your legs as long as you are sure its not been up to a month.. you are sure right”. “Ehm.. there was that time in june”. What?? I stared at him wide eyed, then burst into fits of laughter. Then I started to put the fear of God in him unintentionally, ranging from “forget school bro, you are now a father” to “your dad is going to kill you and mine will bury you”. Nigga was so scared and just kept saying “Its not mine” “She sleeps around” “She’s trying to trap me” {typical male}

I am puzzled though, after all the publicity, preaching and all, there are people {especially young people} who still dont practice safe sex, choi.. Aside from the risk of STD’s, the fear of pregnancy is enough to make you practice safe sex, at least in my house. You get pregnant or impregnate someone, you get dropped by my parents like you are hot.

As far as I know he’s still on the matter, left them to their arguement, got things to do at home like type this post…hehe.. If it were you though {Yeah I know, you are smarter} but, IF you were in his shoes what would you do.


16 thoughts on “Pregnant?? OMG!! See Gobe.

  1. Am not a guy,buh if I was,I will definately stand up nd face d challenges if truly d pregnancy is mine.I knw its not goin to be easy buh there is always a way out


  2. Well, for starters, pregnancy is a “girl’s problem”! If she is dumb enough to get pregnant by allowing unprotected sex, then IMO, she is on her own. Anyways, I’m sure the gurl is just playing on your lil cousin’s naivety; that act is fast becoming a cliche anyways. You pregnant? Deal with it!!


    • Choi.. I disagree with it bin a girl problem o… Its a guy problem as well oo.. If she’s really preg for him.. He’s gon av to take responsibility which includes providing for his new family…& dts nt a walk in d park…


  3. lol.. twice the hustle half the income. Good luck to him….there are some aspects of being a dad he will enjoy sha. real challenge for the both of them…and the guys mum unfortunately haha


  4. Never Blame a Day in Your Life Good days give Happiness
    Bad days give Experience Worst days give Lesson
    AND Best days give Memeories… So pick your choice and live the way you want to…………………………………………


  5. seriously, i would be as clueless as this guy is…itz quite a life-changing news and it aint easy takin responsibility wen ua not ready for it… And heedriz, both of’em are responsible though she’s bound to be affected by it the most #my thought sha


  6. Nonsense………………………………. I can’t believe dat at his age nd in dis century sum1 can be dumb enough to av un-protected sex.
    Well congratulations to him nd his bride cus he is so marrying her. (Naming ceremony rice on my mind)


  7. I know a “certain guy” *rme* who after just registering for WAEC also logged in and registered with a babe. Scratch card was valid and the server was very well okay. About a month later she called him to tell him that she was preggars. . . and the world as we know it practically ended for him. He lost appetite, became lean, zero-ed his mind to train as a mechanic since dropping outta school was sure. . . and yes, his “logging device” shrunk! Turned out the girl was kidding and the “love” ended on that note. Good riddance!
    That was years ago and it WON’T recur. If it does though, I’m certain the certain guy will bolt! Forget all the clichéd I’ll-take-responsibilities sweet words à la poetry, most guys won’t. SMA, Friso, cereals and pampers biz are serious business I tell ya. Plus 21st century babies are embezzlers by default; they eat and poo like they’re drugged.
    Funny piece. You spiced it well.


    • *certain guy* uhn?? Lol…
      Lmao @ 21st century babies bin embezzlers… True..and dey re way smarter Dan their age…

      Thanks for d comment..way funnier Dan d write up…


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