Writing101: Things I regret. What are yours?


When I got today’s assignment prompting me to write about one of 6 words, I immediately picked ‘regret’ and I was going to write some long epistle on how we all have regrets. From opportunities we lost,  to decisions we made and the ones we failed to make,  and if only we had the power to see the future, perhaps we’ll have less or no regrets. Nevermind that humans been how we are, will still make the wrong choices even if the future was shown to us in technicolor.

I didn’t get to write about that because Life happened as usual.  I got stuck in project work turn-it-in drama (gosh,  I’m so tired of school) and then PHCN seized power. So I’m just gon make a list of things I regret.. At least the ones I can think of right now.

1. I regret being timid in junior high and letting those crazy girls who learned to use makeup too early to intimidate me.

2. I regret caring so much about what people think. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much you try to please, you really can’t win with people.

3. All the times I got so engrossed on series of endless movies. Maybe I would have graduated with a 5.00 CGPA, if I had spent all that time studying instead. #wink. Now I’ll never know.

4.All the money wasted in the name of starting a business. Hehe. Who am I kidding?  My business sense equals zero – I know that now.

5. Emptying my account to get a new phone.. Choi. Not really.  I’m only inclined to regret it each time my stomach growls.

6. Not trusting my instinct, hence getting into messes like losing a dear friend’s dear phone. In my defence, how do you know it’s your instinct and not paranoia?

Now it’s your turn, What are your regrets??

Day 3. Phew. Almost didn’t make it.  I hope this semi-rant counts as a response to the day’s assignment.

13 thoughts on “Writing101: Things I regret. What are yours?

  1. Love your take on this! And as far as something I regret…I regret not studying music in high school. Now I’m taking classes in college for the fundamentals when I could’ve learned that ish for free years ago. LOL


    • Haha. You think? Well, there’s still time to correct that supposed error, yeah?

      About the theme. Thanks. Took me two days and it was worth it in the end. Looking forward to seeing yours.


  2. I’ve never been a timid one. I actually got away with being a trouble maker because I was small-ish.

    I probably regret not starting a business because I see now I’ll be good at it.

    I regret not learning to play any musical instrument when I was dating a music major in the university. In my defence he said I had to buy one musical instrument. Who has money for that shiii?

    I could pass an exam without really reading. Now I regret not studying hard. Maybe I would have made a 5.0 cgpa. Who am I kidding? Which lecturer wan give you that?

    I regret not really socializing in the university. I was neither a book worm nor a social bug. I just limited myself to a small circle of close friends only. We’re still kicking it five years later.

    Can’t think of anything else.

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    • Smallish people are trouble makers?? Shouldn’t the smallish-ness make it easier for them to be squeezed in a bag when they start to make trouble?😝

      You still have time to start a business. You’re serving, yeah? I’ll say now is the perfect time. 👌

      Why did you have to be the one to buy the instrument? He couldn’t have bought you one as a gift or something… 😉

      I totally relate with passing exams without really reading. That shit really gets to your head and screw you up.


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